The  Eyes  are  the  Windows  to  the  Soul...


The BEST PART of GLAMOUREYES is that you get the special help you need with the most daunting part of applying the face make up - the Eyes!  We look at your face as an inviting canvas, so allow our team of talented professionals to transform your eyes into whatever mood you would like to convey.  Whether you feel happy and bubbly, sleek and sophisticated, classy and chic, we have the talent to express it for you, through your eyes...  This is ideal for our budget conscious clients, as it allows you to do the base foundation, lipstick and blush yourself, and only pay for what you really need help with  - the Eyes! ​


​It's a pretty straightforward formula:

$15 for just false eyelash application

$55 for 30 minutes of smokey or basic eye shadow application (main color + highlight + shadow plus eyeliner and mascara)

$85 for 60 minutes of a more artsy/bold/extravagent look or glitter eyshadow, including false eyelash application.


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